A favourite sandwich | Distant happy memories

In 1988 I was in my fifth year of medical school. As part of a general practice term I spent two weeks in Townsville. http://goo.gl/maps/WzpNQ

I was attached to a GP and a GP trainee. I remember one lunch time I went out with this trainee and was shouted lunch. We went to a local milk bar/fish and chip shop. I looked at the black board and saw under sandwiches Fish and Coleslaw sandwich. I’d never seen that on offer before (and since only in Far North Queensland, i.e., Cairns).

It was one of the nicest sandwiches I’d ever enjoyed.

Today was a pretty busy one at work. I left a little late and thought I’d go to the local takeaway at Jamison Plaza. http://goo.gl/maps/AlPWq

It turns out the lovely ladies of the Jamison Takeaway will make a sandwich to order. I asked for a fish and coleslaw sandwich. The ladies (all three) looked at me and asked if I could say that again. I explained I wanted a piece of fish and some coleslaw between two pieces of bread. I also asked for two potato scallops. They threw in a third for free. I love the ladies of the Jamison Takeaway, when I’ve been there before they’ve thrown in extras too.

I got back to my place and sat down with my sandwich and thought of Townsville, Far North Queensland, warmth and humidity and being a student again.

Fish and coleslaw sandwich


21 thoughts on “A favourite sandwich | Distant happy memories

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  5. This looks delicious! Fish and coleslaw sandwich! I have never eaten this before, but it makes sense. Just like a battered fish dinner 🙂

  6. Now you’ve got me thinking about my favorite sandwich. It’s probably the bologna and Fritos sandwiches I ate practically every day when I was in high school. Thanks for your blog!

    • Thanks for the comment. My school sandwiches were either vegemite or peanut paste. I had them year in and year out. It wasn’t until high school I got the nerve to suggest to mine I take care of my own lunch.

  7. They must love you there! It looks very nice. A favourite of mine is a chicken schnitty with coleslaw in a crunchy bread roll.

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