Poached salmon red curry

For the last I don’t know how many weeks I’ve been pan frying Atlantic salmon. Tonight I thought about doing something different. I had noodles, red curry paste, lychees and pineapple pieces.

I heated the pineapple pieces and lychees with their juices in a fry pan and added some red curry paste. I also added a liberal sprinkling of chilli flakes. Once it reached a good vigorous boil I added a piece of salmon and put a lid on the pan. I cooked this on high heat for 5 minutes before removing the lid. I removed the salmon and put it in a bowl. I added the noodles to the fry pan and small amount of coconut milk. I also squeezed in a lime. Once the noodles were cooked the sauce had thickened I spooned noodles, pineapple pieces and lychees into a large bowl. I then flaked the salmon and added that. I then poured over a small amount of the sauce.

Poached salmon red curry

It tasted okay šŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Poached salmon red curry

  1. I’m finding the reading materials in the background of your photos lately to be quite interesting. I look at your food and then think “I’d like to read that!”

  2. It looks really good! The salmon looks pretty tender. You cannot go wrong with pineapple. I like your honesty about the taste. Still loving the ginger bread by Bron and the marmalade salmon šŸ™‚

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