Taze Mediterranean Cuisine Canberra City

Taze in Civic boasts exquisite tastes from around the Mediterranean.

It’s located at Shop 4 in the ATO Building at 21 Genge Street, Canberra City ACT 2601. Google map http://goo.gl/maps/K0a1G

Last night (ACT election night) we went there with friends for a meal. All in all it was an okay night. The place is packed with tables and it was a little like being in a sardine can. The table we had had a chair combo with two seats being a lounge cushion thing and the other four seats stand alone units. It wasn’t great and our friends who ended up with the lounge cushion thing weren’t that happy. The place has two levels with the mezzanine being largely out of sight. Because of my deafness and tinnitus I like to sit with my good ear in the best position. That doesn’t always help if the place is noisy. This place is pretty noisy. Not their fault I know, but some sound baffling can help people with a hearing disability.

While I enjoyed my meal, one of our friends asked for the seafood risotto and it came with whole crab pieces rather than crab meat incorporated into the risotto. This made it pretty messy and unappetising. In addition, it didn’t taste too good. Bron and I both noticed the snapper a couple of friends asked for smelt pretty fishy which is something that would put us off asking for it.

Onto the good things. I had an entrée of lamb sausages which were delightfully spicy. I could eat much more of these sausages. The serving size was pretty good for an entrée. I also had a fillet steak cooked rare on a bed of mash. For $36 I expected some greens too. Oh well, not a big deal. The steak was well cooked and very enjoyable. If I compared it to Tommy’s Bistro from last week though, I’d go for Tommy’s. I finished off with the Crème brûlée which contained white chocolate and raspberries. It was pretty good.

Taze lamb sausages

Taze fillet steak [rare]

Taze white chocolate and raspberry Crème brûlée

We had a good night out. Civic is the place to be on a Saturday night if you’re young and want a good time. With Spring developing everyone seemed to be wearing suitable bright coloured clothes and revealing a heap of pale skin.

On paying the bill, the manager removed the price of the risotto which was very nice of him and for me would be a positive to come back and try some different dishes from the menu.

I’d say Taze is worth a go. Their website has all their menus. I’ve listed the two main ones here. Ala carte menu http://taze.com.au/assets/alacartemenu.pdf  | Dessert menu http://taze.com.au/assets/dessertmenu.pdf


After a good night’s sleep we went to Ricardo’s Café for breakfast.

I enjoyed my poached eggs with a side of Hollandaise sauce.

Ricardo’s Cafe Poached eggs

Ricardo’s Cafe Poached eggs


9 thoughts on “Taze Mediterranean Cuisine Canberra City

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  2. Great post, Gary – and all things that I hate too! I am terribly bad in noisy places even though I don’t have deafness – I just find it very difficult to hear anything when there’s a lot of ambient noise around me. I had a crab spaghetti from Kingston which I wrote about earlier this year which also came with whole crab, and was disappointed for the exact same reasons! Much too messy unless you’re a really deft hand, and if you’re not the rest of the meal gets cold and you have to incorporate it yourself. So painful! It’s turned me off ordering something similar ever again. And the seats! Argh. Sounds like my experience with the bench seats last night. So uncomfortable and what’s the point?

    • It’s a mystery why a chef or manager would think it’s smart to serve whole crab pieces, especially in Canberra when it’s not a common thing when compared to northern places.
      The seats were just silly. It gave the impression that it was all about fitting more people in and the reason was $$$ not comfort. That said, the proper seats were comfortable and my meal was very nice.

  3. I always enjoy your critiques of places that you go to! Smelly fish is a turn off, as would be whole pieces of crab in a risotto! I used to go to a deli in the SF Bay Area where I would pick up Moroccan Lamb sausages…the ones in the photo remind me of these!

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