Chicken mole magnificence by @Bron99 inspired by @davidlebovitz

Update. Please read Bron’s comment at the bottom 🙂


Bron has a plan! We have some dear friends who were regularly eat dinner with; most often we go to their place and we have a fantastic time. Bron is keen to have our friends over to her place for dinner.

As a follower and reader of David Lebovitz’s blog and cook books, Bron is going to cook Chicken mole.

I’ve eaten chicken mole in Mexico City while there for a meeting. My recollection is that it was enjoyable but nothing I’d want to make myself.

On Friday night I was Bron’s guinea pig for her second go at cooking Chicken mole. She’d previously cooked it for her sons.

Okay, this was magnificent. The chicken drumsticks had been skinned and then pan fried and then immersed in a casserole. The result was incredible taste and tenderness. The mole sauce was amazing with the ancho dried chilies adding so much flavour yet no heat. I’m embarrassed to say that I grabbed more corn chips, corn and sauce and when the chicken was finished I used the sauce and corn like a dip and consumed a heap of corn chips. It. Was. Amazing!!!

Bron’s Chicken mole

On Saturday we went to vote and then treated ourselves to morning tea at Ricardo’s Café I had a piece of carrot cake.

Carrot cake


7 thoughts on “Chicken mole magnificence by @Bron99 inspired by @davidlebovitz

  1. Bron, the chicken mole looks absolutely delicious!! I like the side foods with it too.
    The carrot cake, WOW! Is that chocolate on top or an espresso blend?

  2. Thanks for the lovely post Gaz. I’m glad you enjoyed the chocolate chicken mole. I do need to be a pedant and make a correction though. I am a fan of David Lebovitz as he’s an amazing cook and honest writer. He’s an American living in Paris and I first saw his authenic (nearly) chocolate chicken mole recipe in his ‘The Sweet Life in Paris’ book. It admused me that an American in Paris would write about Mexican chicken. I guess he was home-sick for it. I noticed he also has a less authentic recipe for it in his on-line catalogue (though I have tried both and they end up tasting very similar). My method for you was using a more traditional approach of boiling the chicken (skin on) in salted water, then removing the skin and finishing it off by roasting in a casserole with the chocolate mole. Did I mention enough that it was chocolate mole!

    • Thanks Bron for the clarification. I forgot the details. I just know I enjoyed eating it. Sorry about the mess I made as I was scooping chocolate mole sauce and corn with corn chips…

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