The Wild Duck is the duck’s guts

The term the “ducks guts” is a piece of Australian slang.
From the Urban Dictionary an Australian expression—if you think something is awesome, brilliant etc. then it is said to be the duck’s guts.
Synonyms (see below) include the bee’s knees, the cat’s pyjamas, or, strangely enough, the cat’s arse.
My new cricket bat is the duck’s guts.
Look at that pony-tailed wanker in his BMW. He thinks he’s the ducks guts.
I remember first hearing the expression when watching one of my all time favourite movies, viz., Mad Max. I think in the US it was retitled The Road Warrior.
Here is the scene when Goose uses the phrase. Clearly this is one of the best scenes in the movie and the reason I love Mad Max and Mad Max II.

IMDB also has some great quotes.

On Thursday night I went to dinner with Bron and another couple of dear friends. We ate at the Wild Duck. The Wild Duck is a relatively new restaurant in Canberra and found on the Kingston foreshore. [Map] If you want to hear a funny story about my arrival you’ll have to tweet Bron.

The décor is very modern and inviting.

We ate at a booth table for four which was pretty comfortable. Our waiter for the evening was very friendly and very helpful with the menu and provided us with some insights into the restaurant.

The menu is pretty easy to follow. Not too much to select from and not too little that you feel manoeuvred into choosing just what the chef wants you to eat. That said, our waiter recommended a banquet and after some perusal and discussion we agreed on the “Chef’s signature” banquet. This banquet is reasonably expensive at $68 per person and didn’t include dessert. That said the choices where the Chef’s signature dishes and while not exactly degustation, there was an element of that with the starters.

I apologise for the poor photography. The restaurant is quite well lit however, the light casts a very yellow hue in photographs. I need to learn how to balance the colours in my iPhone.

The wonton soup was okay. No one’s wonton soup will ever be as good as my mother’s. No one should even try.

For higher resolution versions please click on the images

Shanghai Wonton Soup

The scallops in XO sauce were delicate and nicely balanced with the asparagus spear which was cooked perfectly.

Scallops with XO Conpoy Chilli

Next came the Lotus Root and Pork Parcels and Xinjang Lamb Skewers. The lotus root and pork was sublime. Crunchy, full of flavour and a nice firmness in terms of texture. Our waiter suggested the lamb may be a little spicy although for me while tasty, it wasn’t spicy. It was definitely not bland though. It was delicious.

Lotus Root and Pork Parcels and Xinjang Lamb Skewers

The next dish to arrive on its own was the restaurant’s special, its signature dish, the Lamb Shank in Golden Sands. I’ve copied the description from the menu: “Served in lettuce cups, slow roasted Lamb shank meat flaked off the bone and crispy fried, finished in a dune of baked golden coconut, garlic and whole black beans”. This was just amazing. I could eat an entire meal of this one dish. It is a must have.

Lamb Shank in Golden Sands

The three main dishes came out together with a bowl of steamed rice. We received the snapper that was delicately cut so when cooked it resembled a piece of coral; next came the Wild Mushroom Duck Breast which was just lovely; and the final dish was the Yu Xiang Pork. This was definitely a spicier dish although the flavour didn’t linger too long.

Coral Cut Snapper

Coral Cut Snapper on steamed rice

Wild Mushroom Duck Breast

Wild Mushroom Duck Breast [close up]

Yu Xiang Pork

For dessert our friends shared a Coconut Jelly and Papaya which was made up of Coconut jelly and sliced fresh pawpaw with warm black sticky rice and palm sugar syrup. Bron and I each had the Dark and White Angel Mousse. This was a martini of dark and white chocolate mousse, dressed with a layered strawberry and raspberry coulis shot. The waiter poured the coulis shot and with the sediment asked for a number between 1 and 9 and proceeded to write the number. Mine was a 9.

Coconut Jelly and Pawpaw

Dark and White Angel Mousse

Dark and White Angel Mousse [and the number 9]

I’d say the Wild Duck is worthwhile visiting. The website is pretty good and the menus are available as separate pdf documents.

Entrée, Mains, Desserts and Banquets


13 thoughts on “The Wild Duck is the duck’s guts

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  2. I look forward in seeing Bron and your eating adventures! They are always so elegantly delicious! The food looks appetizing and the establishment looks nice! Especially the coral cut snapper and dark white angel mousse!! Thank you for sharing!

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