Super Sweet Award!

Barb Beacham, a wonderful blogger friend whose site is called, “Life in the Foothills,” included me this week for the Super Sweet Award! Thank you Barb. Barb and I started following each other soon after I started blogging. Barb is the wonderful person who sent me a bottle of Spike to try. Barb blogs about food and her marvellous life in the Sierra Foothills.

Please visit her site at: Life in the Foothills

Now the rules of this award are:

1 – That I give credit to the person who nominated me. Again thank you Barb!

2 – That I answer the super sweet questions. Here are the questions and answers:

Q1: Cookies or cake? I’m a cake person. Although I do like white chocolate and Queensland nut (Macadamia nuts) biscuits (cookies) best. In terms of cake I like a nice Queensland nut (Macadamia but) carrot cake made with crushed pineapple and vanilla icing (fristing).

Q2: Chocolate or vanilla? I am a real fan of vanilla. Vanilla icing on anything really. Vanilla ice cream. Vanilla slice is my favourite sweet.

Q3: What is my favourite sweet treat? Vanilla slice is my favourite. I’ve blogged about vanilla slice before. Check out 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Q4: When do I crave sweet things the most? After a long day at work especially if it’s been tedious and there have been lots of people issues.

Q5: If you had a sweet nickname what would it be? Easy, Yummy Lummy.

3 – The last part of this award is that I nominate a Baker’s Dozen of super sweet bloggers:

Wayfaring Chocolate
Jude the Foodie
Live2EatEat2Live Blog
Back Road Journal
she cooks, he eats
Putney Farm
Rantings of an Amateur Chef
Texana’s Kitchen
Susartandfood’s Blog
Spoon Fest

These are in no particular order, and each one of them is special to me in one way or another! My very best to those listed.

Thank you again Barb!


8 thoughts on “Super Sweet Award!

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  2. Congratulations!!

    Thank you very much for the recognition; I really appreciate it. Loved Barb’s blog and cannot wait to check out the other ones I don’t know on your list!

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