Back in Canberra

I got back to Canberra last night after a weekend in Darwin. After a sleep in I went for a walk and then to lunch with Bron.

Click on the images for high resolution versions.

On my walk I said hello to Mr Owl

On my walk I went past Weber’s circus

For lunch Bron and I went to Ricardo’s Cafe.

I had a really nice caramel thick shake. Sadly it didn’t agree with my IBS.

I had a Wagyu cheese burger. Sadly a part of an upper left molar broke off while eating it. The burger was delicious.

After the burger I had a pineapple. This was made with meringue and pineapple marshmallow.

This is the inside of the pineapple.

For dinner I had a light meal of salmon.

Salmon with mashed potato made with blue cheese plus asparagus and broccolini.


8 thoughts on “Back in Canberra

  1. You had quite a day! Hope today is much better even if you are at the dentist. Everything looks delicious; especially the pineapple marshmallow! Have a great day!

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