Steak, crabs, flowers and sweets, lots of sweets

Okay where to start? This last week has been pretty good for food. Too much really but who can say no. I mean when it’s good it’s good.

On Monday night crusted some salmon with herbs. I’m still doing towers with my food tube.

Tuesday morning late in September, you know Spring, it was still –2 °C. Yikes. Canberra weather sucks.

On my morning walk I came across a possum. This tree is right in front of a shopping mall. He/she was fat. I bet he/she had been plundering rubbish bins.

Halfway through the walk I pass the Owl Statue and say hello. You can see it has started to warm up.

On Tuesday night Bron made three different sorts of pizza. they were delicious. I haven’t eaten pizza for so long. These were mouth watering. Each type of pizza, even the vegetarian versions were delicious.

You may recall from my Daydream Island post I had my first dessert pizza there. Bron has broken me now for dessert pizzas. This is the uncooked stage. Notice the milk and white chocolate, the banana and the marshmallows.

This is the cooked stage. This was unbelievably good. the marshmallows were perfectly cooked and not too hot. I had marshmallow all over my lips and cheeks and chin. It was so good.

This was a weird weather week. On Wednesday morning, it was a much warmer 9.2 °C. The Owl was happier.

On Thursday night Bron made her David Lebovitz inspired meatball hoagie or grinder or sandwich. It was fantastic. So tasty and so full of flavour. Much better than my effort from Saturday night.

On Friday morning it felt tropical. Do you see the temperature? It’s 17.2 °C. I was in heaven. If it had rained it would have been perfect. Mr Owl was very happy.

On Friday we said goodbye to a friend who was going on maternity leave. One of my work mates made this vanilla slice with sweet lattice biscuits. My Mum used to make vanilla slices like this. The custard was so light and smooth and just the right amount of sweetness.

On Friday night Bron and I went to a Hog’s Breath cafe and we enjoyed a prime rib steak. Mine had curly fries and mushroom sauce. I like mine rare.

I had dessert with Bron at her place and we had a chocolate self saucing Gü

For breakfast on Saturday Bron made me a poached egg. As always, perfect! 🙂 The parsley was the only vegetable matter I had all weekend (not something I’m proud of).

On Saturday night we went to Kingley’s steak and crab house for a friend’s birthday. Bron and I wanted Alaskan King Crab. Here are the tools which I didn’t really use.

We planned to make crab sandwiches. This is a sourdough cob with lots of butter.

We also added thick cut hot chips to our sandwiches.

I asked for 400 grams of crab.

This is me eating a crab and hot chip sandwich. Notice the bib I made for myself from the serviette. Yes I wear reading glasses sometimes when I eat so I can see the food better.

This is my first ever Affogato. It was nice.

I’ve had this dessert before and it’s always good. Cheesecake with peanut brittle.

For breakfast on Sunday Bron made her scrumptious scrambled eggs. As always they were gorgeous. We were still a little full from the crab dinner, but there was no way I wasn’t eating this delightful dish.

On Sunday afternoon we went to Ricardo’s and I chose a chocolate raspberry meringue. It was very good.

Today is a public holiday in Canberra. We went to Floriade. This is a black swan. They’re common in Australia. I have been told they are a rare sight in the northern hemisphere.

For breakfast this morning we had a bacon and egg roll with barbecue sauce.

Floriade is great. A sea of bulbs. I liked the composition of this image.

At Floriade there is always a gnome contest.

Beautiful flowers.

Walking through the crane forest at Floriade.

This is the route we took this morning.

For lunch today we went to Grazing at Gundaroo. For a main we had the beef (rare). It was accompanied by crumbed bubble and squeak. It was pretty good. I would happily go back for more.

For dessert I had the poached pear with honeycomb and ice cream. It was okay but afterwards I thought I should have chosen the cheese platter.

It’s been a good week in food.


13 thoughts on “Steak, crabs, flowers and sweets, lots of sweets

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  5. Wow! I think I said this before; you two really have it going! I love the pizzas, the vanilla slice, rib steak, the owl, poached egg, and the chocolate raspberry delight! Oh, and all those flowers! Great post!

  6. Yes had have the steak fillet and the chocolate meringue out of that lot (although anything with bacon is tempting). And thats what I now do with this site – I look at the pictures and pretend Im eating the food.

  7. Oh THAT’S what that thing is… An Owl!

    The food looks amazing of course. I think i’m putting on weight just looking at it. Floriade – gosh the crane forest looks beautiful. What a lovely idea.

    • I really like Floriade. The flowers are always so beautiful. On Instagram if you search hash tag #floriade you’ll see lots of flowers.

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