Grand final footy food

This week has seen a good few days in food but tonight was the NRL grand final. It required something special. Something inspired. In terms of inspiring meals, we’ve already seen this week how Bron was inspired by David Lebovitz. I took my inspiration from Bron’s inspiration.

I wanted to make a sandwich that required both hands to hold. I also wanted to use a bread that wasn’t as crusty but not too soft. I wanted cheese too. But what to put inside. I had a mystery meal in the freezer. I knew it was a curry of some sort. I wouldn’t know until I thawed it out.

The ingredients for tonight’s Grand Final sandwich included Mozzarella cheese, Butter, Bread roll, and Mystery meat.

When I thawed the curry it looked like belly pork. I was winning already.

Before I get to the sandwich, the good news is the Melbourne Storm defeated the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs Rugby League Club. The final score was 14:4 and the triumvirate of amazing Queenslanders Cronk, Smith and Slater played superb games this evening. It was disappointing that the Brisbane Broncos and the North Queensland Cowboys didn’t advance further this year. Such is life.

Now to the sandwich. I thawed the curry pork for a couple of minutes in the microwave oven. The roll was sliced to produce a butterflied length of bread. I smeared some butter on both sides and then cut the cheese lol. I warmed the roll for about 20 seconds in the microwave oven too. After laying on the meat I laid over it the sliced mozzarella cheese. I then grilled it until the cheese went a little brown. It felt good holding a sandwich that needed both hands to hold.

Mozzarella cheese for laying on the meat.

This is the bread I chose from Coles at Jamison.

It was a nice loaf.

Sliced open and laid flat.

Pork belly curry for the filling.

Meat laid on a buttered bread roll.

Laying on the sliced Mozzarella cheese.

After being under the grill.

Closed roll.

A close up 🙂

So how did it taste? It was great. The curry and cheese worked well. The soft bread roll made all the difference. It was great holding a big sandwich in both hands and watching the footy. It was so big though I needed my own half time break to finish eating it. There was a degree of scepticism about this sandwich on Twitter. I can understand why it seems like an odd combination. In my mouth and on my taste buds this combination worked and worked well.

I hope all the Storm supporters are happy, and I hope the Bulldog supporters can be happy knowing they were the minor premiers this year and know on the night the better team won.

All the images captured with a Nikon D90 except the last one posted to Instagram with my iPhone 4


9 thoughts on “Grand final footy food

    • I really should have cut it in half. I had second thoughts, but life’s short and it was a footy grand final night bahaha 🙂

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  2. yum yum! This reminds me of how I used to buy those ‘bake at home’ rolls but I wouldn’t bake them at home, I would just eat them in their barely-baked glory. Fillet beef slices with horseradish and rocket is always a soft roll winner for me.

  3. Triple wow!!! You and Bron are wonderful with the food thoughts! And the both of you definitely have it going! This looks absolutely delicious. I am not a huge pork eater at all. I prepare it for others. This is perfect for football season! Love all the cheese. I didn’t know you could buy that much cheese at one time. I am going to reblog this link on a new page I started. I already have another one of your links on it.


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