My weekend in food was good

This weekend I completed my income taxation return and caught up on some work. I also spent some time with Bron and managed to enjoy some delicious meals. If you follow me on instagram you can see how I ate this weekend as well as some of my other activities.

Thai salmon cakes

Bron’s fish cakes were really nice.

Sticky date pudding with homemade custard and butterscotch sauce

Bron makes the best sticky date pudding. Her homemade custard and butterscotch sauce are to die for.

Spring in Canberra

The deciduous trees are blooming and my allergic rhinitis is getting worse. I must be snoring like a train because every morning I wake up with a sore throat like razor blades are cutting it.

Lake Ginninderra

Before breakfast I went for a walk and captured some images. We had breakfast at Black Pepper which is on the corner on the left of the image.

Dead carp

Fishing is popular in Canberra waterways. The lakes are full of carp. They are a pest and regarded as feral. If a carp is caught it is not allowed to be thrown back into the water. From what I’ve seen people go fishing, catch carp and then leave them anywhere they choose.

Green eggs and ham

Bron chose green eggs and ham. The scrambled eggs have avocado in them.

Poached eggs, Kransky and hollandaise sauce

I ate poached eggs, Kransky sausage, mushrooms and hollandaise sauce.

Pan seared salmon served with a tower of potato mash, wilted spinach, pine nuts, peas and corn along with asparagus and broccolini. The mash potato was made with blue cheese.

Tonight I cooked a light meal of salmon. Click on it if you want a larger resolution view.

Oh and if you’re interested, next weekend I want to see the Melbourne Storm defeat the Canterbury Bulldogs. I also want to see the Sydney Swans defeat the Hawthorn Hawks.


11 thoughts on “My weekend in food was good

  1. Everything looks really good. I really love the fish cakes. Oh, and the sticky date pudding looks so scrumptious! The deciduous tree looks lovely, but I hope your allergies subside sooner than later. Happy eating!

    • It is good air. The air in Canberra is always cool and crisp and has a clean smell. Not like the sea though. That’s something I miss about Darwin, being close to the sea.

  2. Oh don’t remind me of that sticky date! It looks too damn good.

    Too bad about your hayfever.. My Mr is similar to you. Sensitive to pollen and smoke, and skin that loves humidity! at the moment he’s being tortured by all the smoke that blows over the water from Indonesia and can’t get past Dili (because we are surrounded by mountains).

    I am dreaming of salmon. I found a store that sells enormous fillets so I think I will have to organise a dinner party. I need some salmon. And I really miss Barra.

    • I recall those days in Darwin when the burn off from Indonesia was really bad.

      I hope you can get some salmon soon. I really miss real barramundi too.

      I’ve changed medication recently and it’s a lot better but it’s prescription only and is fairly expensive.

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