Pork cutlet an a tower of vegetables

I’m really enjoying the food tube or ring or sleeve that Miss15 bought me for Fathers day. Eventually it will be used for rice and other things but so far it’s been potato and sweet potato along with some pan seared Atlantic salmon.

Tonight I breaded (crumbed here in Australia) a nice pork cutlet. Instead of combining the potato and sweet potato I kept them separate and separated them physically in the tower with wilted spinach, mushrooms and spring onions. I also topped the dish with a little asparagus and broccolini. I deglased the pan with a little white wine and reduced some honey and soy sauce to drizzle on the potato tower.

Sorry I didn’t quite have the cutlet completely covered. The image looks a bit untidy. It was incredibly delicious though. I loved it.

Oh and I forgot I checked out Hilah’s youtube channel on pork chops. I love her accent.


12 thoughts on “Pork cutlet an a tower of vegetables

  1. Triple wow! When you said you were going to purchase pork, I never imagined in a million years you would quickly have this gorgeous dish of food! It is early morning here and now I am craving bread crumb breaded pork, mash potatoes and gravy, with sweet potato deluxe! Fantastic meal! Yummy!!!

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