Splitting a chicken is very satisfying

Hmmm…an insane day at work. As the clock ticked and I knew I’d be back late all I could think of was how to short cut my dinner plan without compromising the flavour. On the weekend I thought about splitting a chicken and roasting it. I’ve done this in the past in a hooded barbecue. It worked like a dream and tasted great. This time, thanks to the salmon fishing queen (aka Barb) I can spike my chicken. I also added some chilli flakes and salt and pepper. The vegetables are where I did the short cutting. I was thinking of mashed potato but I brought home a heap of work and needed to use the roasting time for work.

In the end it looked and tasted okay. Best of all I have left over chicken.

From my local Coles

Split and flattened

I needed to make sure the chook’s arse was included too

Cooked perfectly (well in my opinion anyway)

Plated up

To emphasise the chook’s arse and vertebral column


4 thoughts on “Splitting a chicken is very satisfying

  1. I do the same when I roast my chicken and it cooks more evenly. Nice to know you consume the vertebral column; I save mine for soup.

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