A little explosion of happiness in my mouth

Maybe I’ve overplayed the title, but here goes…Oddly enough it’s not about chocolate or dessert.

Today was busy, not insanely busy and not crazy stupid make me angry busy. It was busy enough to give me a headache though.

I found myself this afternoon thinking about what to cook for dinner. I settled on some Atlantic salmon (from Tasmania), some mashed potato, broccolini, asparagus and carrot. There would also be parsley and spring onion and some honey soy deliciousness.

Okay so what caused the explosion of happiness? It resulted from laziness and some miscalculation. I made the mashed potato with my ricer and added spring onions, some grated ginger and parsley. I also added a little butter from the refrigerator. I used it as a bed for the salmon and roughly mashed it with a fork. I like my potatoes looking rustic so it wasn’t a thorough mashing. As I was eating the last of the salmon and mash, a few of the portions of mashed potato still had a little solid butter in them and when I put that with some salmon in my mouth there a small explosion of buttery goodness in my mouth. My headache went away and I felt at one with the universe. 🙂

It’s the little things in life that keep me smiling.


7 thoughts on “A little explosion of happiness in my mouth

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  4. Whoa! I was ready to see what restaurant that was from seriously, but I can’t believe you cooked that! You sure that wasn’t a picture you got off Google images 😉

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