My weekend in food | McDonald’s Lamb burger | Yum Cha at the Dumpling Inn

It feels like it’s been weeks since I last posted on my blog. The last week has been busy at work and I needed to bring work back to my place this weekend to finish some of it off. I spent Friday at Queanbeyan for a meeting at the Australian Civil-Military Centre and was hanging out at lunch time to visit the Central Cafe and have the mixed grill again.

In the end we had sandwiches with plates for vegetarians, piscatarians, halal, gluten-free and other. It’s a good thing I’m no longer doing a lower carbohydrate, higher protein approach to eating.

On the Friday night I went with Bron to the Canberra Southern Cross Club at Jamison for dinner. I was hungry and ordered some deep-fried crumbed calamari and a rare eye fillet. Afterwards Bron prepared a brownie with caramel and ice cream.

On Saturday we thought we’d succumb to the advertising and try a new burger McDonald’s has been advertising. The Lamb burger which is meant to be made with Australian lamb. It was okay. It was large and the pattie was a little on the dry side. The red onion lingered on the breath too.

For dinner last night Bron made pork rashers with hoisin sauce and a hazelnut mini-tortes, one with cherry jam and cream and the other with salted caramel.

This morning I woke up to fathers day and spoke with my father and received a call from my daughters. For a Spring morning it was pretty cold here in Canberra.

The frosty view from my apartment

The frosty view from my apartment

To keep warm I needed rolled oats, bran and brown sugar with some cinnamon

For lunch Bron took me to a Yum Cha lunch at the Dumpling Inn in Macquarie.

We love Yum Cha at the Dumpling Inn. Today the service was a little slow but they were really busy. We ate and ate and ate and then were happy 🙂

Sticky rice

Meat balls

Deep fried prawn goodness

Yummy chicken wing

Dim sim and prawn dumpling

Sesame prawn

Spring rolls

Duck pancake

Barbecue pork rice noodle

Pork bun

Custard tart

This afternoon I had to do some work and wanted something light for dinner.

I made a burger and then had one of Bron’s left over mini-tortes made of hazelnut meringue, chocolate, cherry jam and cream with a flake.

The burger was made with lean beef mince, jam, avocado, lettuce, cheese and barbecue sauce.

It’s been a good weekend 🙂

I hope you had a good one too.

10 thoughts on “My weekend in food | McDonald’s Lamb burger | Yum Cha at the Dumpling Inn

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  3. Thanks for reminding me that I can try a lamb burger at MacDonald’s in Oz. I am in Sydney next week for the Sydney Running Festival, and I can surely indulge post-race. No time for Canberra this time though.

  4. McD’s have lamb burgers there?? I love lamb but I don’t see them coming to Canada anytime soon. Lamb just doesn’t seem to that popular 😦

    • I noticed that in my visits to Canada. It used to be a cheap meat here but became ridiculously expensive. We have a supermarket duopoly here and lamb is in line for some price slashing.

  5. Everything looks absolutely delicious! I am amazed that McDonald’s has a lamb burger! The pork rashers look and sound so much better.

    • I think pork rashers are always nice. I’m assuming the supermarket price competition is pushing the lamb focus.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. I wish we had a place close by that does dim sum! That is one of the only things I miss about living in the SF Bay area! Those dim sum that you shared look really good. So does the calamari! Now I am hungry!

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