What not to say to people with IBS – a response – #supportallGUTfolks

I wish I didn’t have IBS. This is a great post by clinicalalimentary. I’m so grateful Australia has an abundance of toilets.

Clinical Alimentary

2014 update

This post was written in 2012 and since this date the offending comment still exists in Health Magazine and unfortunately the comment facility has been closed. If you feel aggrieved at the comment I suggest you write to them – although both Nina’s comment (IBS Impact) and my requests have fallen on deaf ears, so how successful you would be is debatable.

I was reading an article for help for people diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD,) in Health Magazine, really good useful tips actually, on how to be empathetic for those people with IBD. However I did start to see red when I read a comment of you should keep your symptoms of IBS to yourself, when empathizing with people who have IBD. Now, I do get angry really quickly when people make the suggestion that IBS is somewhat insignificant – is this because it is a…

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