Digress Restaurant and Lounge (and a language warning)

Last night Bron and I went to Digress Restaurant and Lounge on a recommendation from one of her work mates. When first described I was a little puzzled because Digress boasts a fusion Italian and Indian cuisine. I was thinking fusion food earlier in the week (see my last post) but this dinner was something different. They publish a menu online but what is not available is specials. The specials are seasonal. The wine and dessert menu is available online.

The Digress is located in civic and you need to walk down some stairs to the main areas which are broken down into two sections. The lounge and the restaurant.

The decor in the restaurant is mainly Indian and at one end of the restaurant is a large screen television playing Bollywood and Indian talent shows. I wonder if in the Summer if they will show cricket. The tables and chairs are comfortable and the ambiance inviting. I would prefer cloth napkins though.

The service is very good. The owner comes out and greets the guests and asks how we are after each course. She does it in a good way and is in no way annoying. The other wait staff are delightful. She informed us that our choices were interesting in that they weren’t common requests but in particular the mint naan was her Mum’s favourite.

For an entrée we chose Mozzarella and Paneer Fritters (A blend of two traditional Indian and Italian cheeses infused with roasted cumin and fresh coriander brought together with egg and breadcrumbs – served with a spicy jalapeño aioli) and Mint Naan (Naan bread filled with a combination of fresh mint, Spanish onion, and a selection of spices – a naan like no other!). The aioli was magnificent for dipping the fritters and bread. The entrée was a great start.

Cheese fritters

Mint naan

For main courses Bron chose a spicy steak (New York strip steak marinaded and cooked low and slow and covered with Indian spices and served with a salad) from the specials menu and I chose Penne Al Salmon (A blend of succulent salmon, chunky tomatoes, baby spinach leaves and shallots tossed in a creamy white wine sauce – a delight!). Both meals were delicious. That said, Bron felt the steak could also be described as having a Mexican flare to it.

Spicy steak

Penne Al Salmon

For dessert Bron chose the Punjabi Kulfi (Mum’s traditional home-made ice cream cooked on a slow fire with added pistachios and cardamom powder) and I chose Gulab Jamun with Gelato (Golden-fried dumplings soaked in rose syrup served with a scoop of pistachio-flavoured gelato, garnished with desiccated coconut). Mine was very rich and Bron’s was served around a chop stick. Both were delicious.

Bron’s dessert on a chop stick

My dessert

I would highly recommend a dinner at Digress Restaurant and Lounge. I want to return and try something different.


I felt very full because earlier in the day I attended a work lunch to say goodbye to a friend. We went to the Asian Noodle House in Phillip and I had a duck laksa with tofu.

Duck laksa

Okay so now an apology for those concerned about bad language. On the menu at Digress they serve Penne Arrabbiata (A traditional Italian pasta dish with fresh ripe tomatoes, roasted onions & Digress’ signature spicy chilli sauce – try if you dare…) which made me think of Eddy Izzard and the Death Star Canteen.

Menu with Penne Arrabbiata


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