I’m currently in Brisbane to visit my kids. Brisbane is where I was born and spent 30 years learning skills in medicine, pathology and specifically clinical microbiology. I grew up here. I love Brisbane. I’m a Brisbane boy. I’m a Queenslander.

This year I didn’t get an opportunity to go to The Ekka with my daughters. Maybe next year. Miss15, ever thoughtful bought me a hat from one of her trips to The Show.

Me in a new hat from Miss15

Today we joined up with one of my brothers (Mr41) and his son (NephewMr6) to watch a junior rugby match.

Brisbane is beautiful in August. The sky is clear and the morning cool but not cold like Canberra (which has the skies but the trees aren’t all evergreen). Canberra’s deciduous trees remind me of death and the cycle of life. This picture says it all, great sky, beautiful trees and rugby posts. Only summer is better with a swimming pool or surf beach.

A perfect scene. A winter’s morning in Brisbane. Evergreen trees and rugby posts.

While Miss11 and Miss15 went to gymnastics training I took Miss17 shopping. She was hungry after missing breakfast because of a sleep in and an early start to the junior rugby match.

We both had the same idea. A crumbed chicken and coleslaw sandwich.

Crumbed chicken and coleslaw sandwich with pineapple drink

After gymnastics we had to attend the Clayfield College open day. Miss11 and Miss15 have scholarships to attend school here. Without the half scholarships I could not afford the fees.

I tried an ice cream treat I’d not heard of before, viz., drippin dots. I chose caramel and brownie. It was really very nice.

Caramel and brownie Drippin Dots

This afternoon Miss17 captured an image of me.

Me in shades

Tonight I took Dad, Mum and the girls out to dinner to Hog’s Breath Cafe for an early father’s day celebration. These restaurants have a great Aussie history. Many people assume an origin in the USA, the truth is they started in Queensland and have spread across Australia. Importantly, the franchise is a big supporter of motor sport and rugby league in Australia.

I had a steak and rib combination for a main meal.

Steak and rib combination with a side of calamari and Béarnaise sauce

For dessert the girls helped me share a sundae.

Hoggies Rocky Road Sundae which is enough for four

Mum and Dad had profiteroles which Miss15 informed us are made from choux pastry which resembles cabbages. Miss15 likes to pronounce choux as chucks just to make us laugh.


I’ll be back in Canberra tomorrow.


18 thoughts on “Brisbane

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  3. It sounds like you have a lovely family. Miss15 had a delightful choice with the hat. Don’t you love teenage daughters? They can be a lot of fun!


  4. I love the hat! The Hog’s Breath…This was a restaurant opened by actor Clint Eastwood in the 1970’s in the little town of Carmel, CA. Their food was quite good, and I actually met him there while he played dice cups in the bar with a friend, this was after my friend Susan spilled her entire drink all over him! Sounds like a wonderful day for you Gaz!

  5. Hmm, maybe they are just there on the side and that’s how they were served – perhaps Hog’s Breath was being cautious if someone did have a nut allergy/part of the presentation? Hmm!

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