A quiet weekend in food and halfway through the London Olympic Games 2012

I had hoped this Olympics I’d take more time and watch more of the coverage and enjoy the sport. So far that hasn’t happened. Other things have got in the way like just being too tired to bother. Instead, I’ve been listening to the coverage on the radio while in bed (yeah I know, that’s not going to help my tiredness). The television coverage from Channel Nine has been as expected, i.e., parochial, disjointed and riddled with advertising. The radio coverage has been good but mainly because of the sporting experts accompanying the sports broadcasters who have been boorish.

One day I hope to watch an Olympic games live. I’d like to watch the swimming and women’s artistic gymnastics mostly. If I could I’d like to watch the weightlifting too.

Yesterday morning I had a simple breakfast with avocado on toast and coffee.

Avocado on toast, with coffee (Nikon D90)

I love a nice firm Hass avocado on toast. Unfortunately when I did the grocery shopping yesterday, the local Coles had run out of the Hass variety and only had Reed avocados. I found a site at http://www.avocado.org.au/foodservice/australianGrown/common_australian_grown_varieties.aspx which describes the difference. I’m hoping the Reed variety are okay. I’m waiting for them to ripen before I try them.

I spent most of the day washing, cleaning and vacuuming and also did some exercising by going for a walk. The weather was pretty good yesterday. While it was overcast it wasn’t as cold as it could have been.

Lunch was a simple omelet with spinach (inside) on toast.

Spinach omelet on toast (Nikon D90)

Bron invited me to dinner. She had whetted my appetite with images on Facebook during the afternoon. The images were amazing.

The main course was lamb on a skewer with haloumi cheese, and capsicum served on flat bread with aioli and asparagus. It was delicious especially when the eating it like a big sandwich. The bread soaked up the extra aioli and was like having two meals in one.

Lamb on a skewer with capsicum and haloumi cheese

For dessert Bron made two different meringue creations. The first was banana and caramel and the other was cherry chocolate. These were very rich. They tasted wonderful. I am seriously spoilt by Bron.

Banana caramel and Cherry chocolate meringues

For breakfast this morning Bron made an amazing baked egg in risotto with pancetta. The image doesn’t do it justice. It was amazing with sourdough toast dipped into the runny egg yolk. I am very spoilt.

Baked egg on risotto with pancetta and spinach

I spent most of today at work. Not the ideal way to spend a Sunday but necessary to keep on top of things. Along with some fruit that I brought along with me I needed a sugar and caffeine hit late in the morning.

Morning snack. Top Deck and Diet Coke.

For dinner I made salmon again and put together some left over mince and cauliflower to make a I don’t know what to call it. It tasted okay. In fact it tasted pretty good.

Salmon with broccoli and the cauliflower thing

I hope you have a great week. Take care.


7 thoughts on “A quiet weekend in food and halfway through the London Olympic Games 2012

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    • It was a left over mince curry (mince, celery, carrot, onion, potato, mushrooms and herbs) that I added some softened cauliflower to. I then processed with a hand held wand thing.

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