OS X Mountain Lion

I’m a converted Mac lover. For many years I laughed and derided Mac devotees. Then for many years I suffered the blue screen of death and Microsoft Windows based systems that drove me mad with frustration. While we have a MS Windows based system at work along with BlackBerry smart telephones; in my personal life I revel with my iMac, MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone. They all go with one another and work together. Last Saturday I paid some money and downloaded and installed OS X Mountain Lion onto my iMac and MBA. I like that I can send iMessages via both these platforms. I love that Notes has been dissected out of Mail and that Reminders is like what I have on my iPhone and iPad. With the iCloud this all works well. I can now send iPhoto images to Twitter and iMessage. It’s like I have a giant iPhone on my desk.

OS X Mountain Lion works well on my iMac. On my MBA however, I’ve had no end of frustration. On Sunday, something was consuming all my free space, I could see the space reducing before me. I couldn’t understand it. Soon I was receiving startup disk full messages and when I tried a restart I was presented with a grey (gray) screen (of death). It would not open in safe mode, refreshing the RAM did nothing and just hoping hard was useless. In the end I had to use CMD + r and then restored from a previous session from my time machine. That took all night. Today I’ve copied over all my documents onto an external hard drive. I think my problem is that when I installed OS X Mountain Lion I only had about 5 GB of free space and the time machine along with some iMessage space eating problem was consuming all the free space. I now have about 30 GB of free space and am trying to download and install OS X Mountain Lion again. This is the first time I’ve had a major failure of a Mac device. It was a shock to me that something like this could happen on an Apple device.

I’ll let you know how the reinstall goes. Wish me luck.


PS If anyone has similar problems, please let me know. Thanks 🙂


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