Four strikes Lemon Grass, four strikes…

It’s been a little while since our last outing to Lemon Grass at Woden. We love the food, especially number 39 on the menu GANG PANANG (Creamy red curry (chicken or beef) with crushed peanuts and kaffir leaves topped with crispy egg noodles). We wanted to give them another go. We were patient and as clear as possible when speaking. Yet we waited and waited and at the end when we wanted to ask for dessert, the wait staff cleared empty tables rather than tables with customers. They main problem with this restaurant is the ratio of wait staff to customers. On a large floor with seating for more than a hundred or so customers there are three wait staff. They’re friendly enough but I’m not sure what food service training they’ve received.

We started with entrée and around us we had fish cakes, curry puffs and pork patties. These were not that good, they were tasty but not really anything special.

Pork patties (iPhone)

I then had the beef red curry (Number 39).

Beef red curry (iPhone)

One of our party noticed you couldn’t get a 69 at this restaurant. Mind you, you can’t get a 63 or a 64 either 🙂

We all wanted something sweet and were prepared to stay and order dessert here. Lots of other tables had been vacated and dirty plates were stacked on each. We had dirty plates on our table and were clearly wanting to stay. The wait staff avoided our attention seeking behaviour and proceeded to clear the other tables. In the end, we went to the front desk, obtained the bill, sorted out the money and left.

We had dessert at Max Brenner.

I had ice cream, whipped cream and toffee topping plus a hot white chocolate.

Ice cream, whipped cream and toffee topping (iPhone)

White hot chocolate (iPhone)

Will we return? Yeah probably. We had the idea we’d order number 39 for takeaway and then go somewhere else to eat. That may be the solution.


3 thoughts on “Four strikes Lemon Grass, four strikes…

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  2. Unbelievable service. Love how that dessert looks, and I think you were probably better off where you ended up. The white hot chocolate cup somehow reminds me of a toilet in its shape…don’t you think? LOL 😀

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