My weekend in food

Okay it’s a bit more than the weekend. On returning to Canberra I caught up with Bron and we had dinner at the Canberra Southern Cross Club (Jamison) on Wednesday night. I had my usual scotch fillet steak with calamari and prawns. You’ll notice a jug of pepper sauce as well as a jug of Béarnaise (because that’s how I roll).

Scotch rib fillet reef and beef from the Canberra Southern Cross Club (Jamison) (iPhone)

On Thursday morning Bron made Cinnabon for her work mates. I got to have two for breakfast (lucky me).

A tray of Cinnabon on cooling racks (iPad)

This tasted amazingly good (iPhone)

On Thursday evening Bron made an aubergine curry. It was delicious.

Aubergine curry (iPhone)

On Friday morning we had a Mavi breakfast wrap. I love these. They are bacon, egg, hash brown, mushrooms and barbecue sauce rolled up in a flat bread and served with a medium coffee. Two of these cost $19 at Mavi in Phillip.

Mavi breakfast wrap (iPhone)

That evening we went to Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse in Civic. I had a steak with WA marron which was delicious. The steak was extraordinarily tender even if it was a little medium rare rather than rare. The potato bake and beetroot salad were nice accompaniments.

Steak and WA Marron (iPhone)

Potato bake (iPhone)

Beetroot salad (iPhone)

Nothing left. It was good (iPhone).

For dessert we had caramel cheese cake with peanut brittle.

Caramel cheesecake with peanut brittle (iPhone)

After dinner we went to Koko Black and I had hot chocolate.It was the nicest hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

Hot chocolate from Koko Black (iPhone)

Saturday morning came and I felt full from Friday night. I’m so grateful Bron was happy with making me a poached egg and avocado.

Poached egg and avocado (iPhone)

That afternoon we went to a birthday high tea at Adore Tea for a dear friend, viz., Nat.

Cucumber sandwich Adore High Tea (iPhone)

Adore High Tea (iPhone)

Adore High Tea (iPhone)

Adore High Tea (iPhone)

Adore High Tea (iPhone)

Adore High Tea (iPhone)

But I adore coffee (iPhone)

Last night Bron made a beef stew on mash with cabbage.

Beef stew on mash with cabbage (iPhone)

This morning we went to Urban Pantry for Brunch. I had the big breakfast which was nice but the poached eggs weren’t very good. The yolks were firm and not runny. This is a deal breaker. We won’t return.

Big breakfast with a side of Hollandaise (iPhone)

Finally tonight I made myself some chicken with avocado, cabbage and onion.

Chicken dinner (iPhone)

So that’s my extended weekend in food. Good night. I’ll catch you all through the week.


7 thoughts on “My weekend in food

  1. I believe I will have to unbutton my pants after all that. Whew. Everything looks so delicious and your pictures are excellent. The tea is beautiful. Reminds me of sea creatures.

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