Knuckle Reef

Today we took a cruise to Knuckle reef to explore this small patch of the Great Barrier Reef (so named by Matthew Flinders). Again no photographs until I can get a good enough wifi connection.

At Knuckle Reef Cruise Whitsunday has a large pontoon that acts as a launch for helicopter rides, a submersible viewing platform, a glass bottom boat, scuba diving and snorkeling. The pontoon itself also has an underwater viewing area with large panes of glass to see fish and coral. The pontoon is staffed with marine biologists and snorkeling and scuba instructors.

On arrival, we immediately got into the submersible and viewed some coral bommies. The marine biologist with us explained all about the evolution and ecology of coral. We next went into the glass bottom boat and had a great view of some very large coral bommies close to the surface.

After a nice cold meat and salad lunch we went snorkeling. Miss11 had never snorkeled before and for her first time she was pretty good. I was worried about Miss15, on Thursday evening at training she accidentally dove into the pit and landed head first and hyperflexed her neck. After an ambulance ride to hospital she was released and advised not to train until she felt able. Her neck is pretty stiff and she cannot look up or down. She wanted to snorkel and snorkel she did 🙂

I love being underwater. If Aqua Man was real I’d be him or Marine Boy. I could have spent all day in the water. Even though it is winter and we’re experiencing pretty poor weather with 30 knot winds and rough seas, the water temperature was about 21 °C. The pontoon has wet suits and all the equipment you need to go snorkeling.

I have some great images of fish and coral which I’ll post when I get back to Canberra.

The rough seas took their toll. Many of the passengers on the way there and back were sea sick and many of them made room for afternoon tea on the way back by leaning over the back rail and saying hello to Ralph.

It’s not a cheap trip but it’s definitely worthwhile.


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