Chocolate overload…Never and Facebook likes

I have great friends. This morning Bron brought me in one of your chocolate balls from her birthday cake.

White chocolate covered cake ball (iPhone)

Then work mates who were having a section meeting brought in the morning tea they had prepared.

This looks like a chocolate flying spaghetti monster (iPhone) Thanks Amy

Then there were dates, more FSMs, rocky road and Lindt passion fruit chocolate (iPhone) Thank you HECM section friends.

It was a great chocolatey day.

And for those who liked my Facebook page this is what “insights” gives me now I have 30 likes.

What 30 likes gets you on a Facebook page


9 thoughts on “Chocolate overload…Never and Facebook likes

  1. Gaz, I’ve clearly lived a deprived life and don’t do enough research on chocolate products 🙂

  2. Oh, they would be good (changs) .. I was thinking maggi 2 minute noodles. I will try it next morning tea… see what people think 🙂

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