Mmm…chocolate covered beaver tail. YUMMY

My first visit to Ottawa was in February 2007. I remember being asked by a very attractive young lady from Québec if I had eaten beaver tail while in Ottawa. For an Australian, I was quite taken aback. At that stage I had not visited Byward Market because of the amount of snow and without warm clothes (thanks to Air Canada) I wasn’t venturing out. As far as I knew only cunning linguists ate beaver tails.

This is now my third visit to Ottawa and for three out of three my bags have been lost. That said, the Summer in Ottawa is brilliant. It is warm and humid, just how I love life, i.e., warm and moist. The days have been >30 °C and the evenings warm enough to keep the air conditioning off so I can enjoy sleeping naturally.

With the advent of foursquare, I am today at least the Mayor of Beaver Tails.

I’m the mayor of Beaver Tails on Foursquare (iPhone)

You can get beaver tails in many flavours both sweet and savoury. I was interested to see cinnamon and sugar, cinnamon and apple, cinnamon, sugar and apple, there was one with vanilla sugar and cheesecake as well. The savoury ones looked pretty good but I could not go past the hazelnut chocolate beaver tail. After Hannah of commented that she keen to read about some of my trip, I knew I had to choose chocolate. More importantly I know that Bron loves hazelnut chocolate and eating this chocolate coated beaver tail made me think of her.

Hazelnut chocolate beaver tail (Panasonic DMC-TZ10)




5 thoughts on “Mmm…chocolate covered beaver tail. YUMMY

  1. *laughs* That does look good! I’d glad I steered you well 😉 Although I think I’d have gambled on the cheesecake one myself 😛

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