On my way to Ottawa

Wow that was just too tight. We departed SYD 90 minutes late. We got into LAX at 1115 local time. The bag carousel took 45 minutes to start up. There were so many angry passengers because they missed their flights. Some were going on to international legs. What I don’t get is why anyone would fly from Australia to the west coast of the USA and then on to Japan. At least my bag came out okay this time. I was due to board my flight to ORD at 1215. My bag came out at 1225. At the transit desk the United guy took my bag and said I may make it but I’d have to run to terminal 7 and get to gate 76 (as per my boarding pass). He couldn’t guarantee my bag would make it to ORD or YOW. So I ran. I got to security and that took 20 minutes which got me to 1250 which was the departure time. Of course gate 76 is at the end of the concourse (following the Law of Lum that all hotel rooms and gates are the furthest away from lift wells and entrances). I get to gate 76 and it’s boarding to Shanghai. I ask a friendly United official and she tells me about the last minute gate change to gate 72 which is at the beginning of
the concourse. I sprint down the end and they are ready to close the doors.
After security I did not bother putting my belt back on so after I wander around the cabin looking for somewhere to put my bags I pull up my trousers and put my belt on. Everybody is giving me their stink eye look.
At least the attendant is lovely and tells me to take my time and catch my breath.
I’m writing this in ORD (Chicago) and then I hope to get to YOW (Ottawa) before midnight.

I’ll post images and other stuff later in the week.


12 thoughts on “On my way to Ottawa

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  3. Going to Canada eh? ha ha just kidding. I hope you dont have too many lay overs. those suck! Have you been to Ottawa before? The furthest I have been is California. That is just down the coast. Took 3 days on a bus. yikes. It would have been faster on plane, but I was travelling with a group!
    Try Timmies Ice Caps. Not the ones with Espresso! Yuck! The Reg Ice Cappucinos Those are awesome!
    BTW I nominated you for an award:

      • Third visit? Oh you are so lucky you get to travel so much! Not so lucky with the luggage! 😦
        I am glad you had such a pleasant experience with us canadians lol
        is our food more expensive than Yours or is it about the same? Everyone says we are so expensive lol Hey we have a dollar plus tax menu ha ha ha

        • I think it’s about the same. I keep on meaning to try a beaver tail but never feel like eating pastry.

          Please don’t be offended but Tim Horton’s coffee isn’t that nice. I like that Canadians love donuts lol 🙂

          • not the coffee. their coffee is gross. their ice capps! the best! oh we love donuts. they will wait n line for hour if they could!

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