I am home :-)

I am in Darwin. Darwin is where a good part of my spirit or soul or whatever lives. It’s a place I long for.

I’m here for a night for meetings earlier this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

Tonight I’m staying at SKYCITY hotel. I don’t normally stay here but it’s the only accommodation I could get. We have V8 Supercars here this weekend and there is no other accommodation. This is not a bad place. My only disappointment is that it doesn’t have Channel 10 reception so I missed the Jamie Oliver appearance on MasterChefAU tonight.

The good thing about this hotel is complimentary wireless internet and air conditioning that doesn’t work which means I stay happily warm and moist.

Outside the hotel are a couple of V8 Supercars. One is a Ford and the other is, well you know, the crapolden.

The only good thing about returning to Canberra tomorrow night is that I’ll get in just as the second State of Origin match starts.

SKYCITY Casino and a FORD V8 SUPERCAR (iPhone)

SKYCITY Casino and a FORD V8 SUPERCAR (iPhone)

SKYCITY Bathroom hand basin. This is a good way to store stuff (iPhone)

SKYCITY Beef burger (iPhone)

The beef burger was pretty good. It was a little too salty. I didn’t have the time to go to the wharf tonight like I usually do.



4 thoughts on “I am home :-)

  1. Crapolden! Lol you will upset a few with that one. I have never been to Darwin…i doubt i could handle the humidity.

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