Kedron-Wavell Services Club in Brisbane

It’s been a lovely day in Brisbane. We’ve been shopping and gymnastics training and other stuff as well. My parents have been in Yamba this last week and were not in the mood to cook dinner. We went to the HQ Café at the Kedron-Wavell Services Club.

We were all pretty hungry after a day of mild physical activity.

Fish, calamari, prawns and chips (iPhone) My dinner

Chicken and bacon burger (iPhone) Miss11 and Miss17 had one each

HQ Café beef burger (iPhone) Miss 15’s meal

Prawn sambo (Panasonic DMC-TZ10) Dad had this

Vanilla slice with ice cream and caramel topping (iPhone) My dessert

White chocolate and berry cheesecake (iPhone) Miss15 had this for dessert

Caramel sundae (iPhone) Miss11 had this for dessert

The Kedron-Wavell Services Club has three restaurants all of which are good for club food. I am always happy to eat there. They also cater for my Mum’s food allergies which is a big plus. The meals are not too expensive. They are always a good size. Like most clubs membership is required and very reasonable. At 1900 every evening everyone is expected to stand in silence while we remember those who have sacrificed their lives for our safety and security in Australia. This is something good for a family venue.


5 thoughts on “Kedron-Wavell Services Club in Brisbane

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    • I like good club food. The people behind the counter are generally happy and cheery. I also won a free pot of tea too. Mum and Dad enjoyed that 🙂

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