Shout out and thanks to @phonakins

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a big day and this year’s first state of origin game. In that blog I also mentioned I’d won a prize in a competition run but a well known Australian tweep and blogger, viz., @phonakins or Fiona the littlelioness.

Today my prize arrived. Thanks Fiona 🙂 Thanks Red Rock Deli.

Importantly Fiona has decided to do something crazy for her 30 years on year. She’s giving up caffeine for a month. She’s doing this for charity. Please visit to learn more.

Red Rock Deli hamper from above (iPhone)


Inside the Red Rock Deli hamper (iPhone)

These are the Red Rock Deli corn chips that were inside (iPhone)

This is a gratuitous photograph of my dinner tonight. Avocado with drumsticks and peas and corn.

I like symmetry when plating up (iPhone) my avocado and drumsticks 🙂


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