What happened to Pizzazz in Kingston? Discovering Urban Pantry

I got back to Canberra last night after a few days in Sydney watching Miss15 compete in the Australian Gymnastics Championships. She was pretty happy, she got a bronze medal for the uneven bars and did quite well overall. The drive was tiring because it was raining pretty heavily and the roads at night when they’re wet have the occasional bad driver. It’s a roughly three hour drive and I was going to stop at Goulburn for something to eat but in the end just drove through.

I’d spoken with Bron and we agreed on a breakfast at Pizzazz. We’d been there many times before and enjoyed the breakfast menu. They make fantastic waffles. When we arrived we noticed the doors were closed and the windows were papered up. After circling the block once we drove to Manuka and walked around until we came across Urban Pantry. We looked in the window and noticed the bread. On inquiry the Sonoma organic sourdough bread is delivered from artisan bakers from Sydney. The menu was pretty standard for a fancy Canberra café. We both chose the Eggs Benedict with bacon on sourdough bread. Out of interest, Bron asked what is the minimum requirement to call something Eggs Benedict when it’s not just poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, with ham on a muffin. If anyone has an opinion let me know (I know I could run a WordPress poll but I couldn’t be bothered at the moment). Does anyone know what’s happening with Pizzazz?

The coffee was good. It was rich and aromatic. The meal itself was mostly good. My bacon was crispy with burnt pieces. The burnt pieces left a slightly acrid taste in my mouth. The bread was delicious and the organic free range eggs and hollandaise were really very nice. At about $20 a plate, it was more expensive than many other places but it tasted very good. We sat outside but it was plastic sheeted in and the heaters did a good job. The tables were a good size and the chairs comfortable.

Eggs Benedict from Urban Pantry (iPhone)

Today I spent a good portion of it preparing for a rental inspection. While I was doing that I prepared some meals for lunches at work this week. I prepared some belly pork in a new saucepan I bought from Ikea on Friday and then prepared some vegetables. I loaded up a casserole and cooked the dish in a low oven for three hours.

Pork curry (iPhone)

This afternoon I watched Iron Lady with Bron and ate some of her homemade Cinnabon classic.

Cinnabon (iPhone)

Tonight Bron made a Thai red beef curry. It was really good.

Thai red beef curry (iPhone)

It was a good day 🙂





5 thoughts on “What happened to Pizzazz in Kingston? Discovering Urban Pantry

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  2. Pizzazz was closed for the month of May for renos. But obviously they still aren’t open. Hubby and I are hanging out for it to reopen though. Today we found a new alternative which we loved – at fyshwick markets – there’s a new bakery/cafe on the left hand side (I didn’t catch the name, but it had a high communal table out front). Food & service were top notch. Unforgivably I was too ravenous to photograph and blog a review. But that’s ok, because we’ll go back again!

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