A short visit to Sydney and then a lamb ribs dinner

I’m currently in Sydney. Miss15 is here competing for Queensland in Level 9 in the Australian Gymnastics Championships. I’m at Sydney Olympic Park in the Sports Centre.

The drive this morning from Canberra was cold, foggy and busy. The fog was so thick I missed the exit to Goulburn so I could empty my bladder. In the end I had to wait for the Sutton Forest exit. The traffic in Sydney was horrible.

I’m staying at the Pullman Hotel at the Sydney Olympic Park. I managed to get a free night which I’m happy about.

Miss15 is still carrying injuries to her back, knee and ankles. Today she required physiotherapy after falling while warming up on the uneven bars. All in all the Queensland team and Miss15 did well. They are the 2012 Level 9 Australian Champions. If you follow my twitter timeline you’ll see my comments through the day.

I always like the walk-on so here is a video.

There was also a bit of fun when the Victorian mascot performed a floor routine.

Tonight after a great chat with Miss15 I went to Ribs and Rumps. I’ve eaten here before and tonight I thought I would have some ribs and a Key lime pie.

A half rack of lamb ribs (New iPad)

What I liked was being asked if I wanted whipped cream or ice cream. What I liked more was the lovely waitress did not flinch when I said, “Both”.

Key lime pie with whipped cream and ice cream (New iPad)

It’s been a good day. Miss15 is happy. I’m happy.


14 thoughts on “A short visit to Sydney and then a lamb ribs dinner

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  3. Aw, I love that your daughter being happy makes you happy 🙂 And I’m so in awe of her gymnastic skill! I did gymnastics as a kid, but oh the beam eventually scared me too much to proceed! 😛

    • Thanks Hannah. Watching her move reminds me how marvelous our bodies are. She’s such a happy kid I can’t help but be happy when I’m watching her.

  4. jealous! first, go miss15!! nice work! and soooo jealous of the key lime pie! i don’t know anywhere in canberra that serves it. the best key lime pie that i’ve ever had was at the chophouse in sydney but i’m not sure if they still serve it.

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