Rama’s with friends

Last night Bron and I went to Rama’s again with friends. These were not twitter friends so sorry no images of the food.

We’ve previously been to Rama’s and had a really nice meal. Last night reinforced why Rama’s is rated as one of the best restaurants (and most popular) in Canberra.

There were seven of us in our party. When Bron and I arrived at 1920 AEST for a 1930 booking, there were still people at the table our party had reserved. The restaurant was full. The wait staff were unfazed and explained the people at our table were finishing their meal and would be gone in time. It ticked over to 1930 and sure enough that party were paying their bill and our friends were arriving. It worked magically. The wait staff were friendly and attentive and they were apologetic for the slight inconvenience. I got the feeling because this place is so popular, this is a regular occurrence.

Seated we were provided with menus and water and we quickly agreed on a banquet. One of our friends has a few dietary requirements so she requested something suitable for her. From the menu we agreed on Rama’s Delight and because one of our friends is allergic to coconut we swapped out the Vegetable Bombay for a Pea and Potato curry. This was so easy and not regarded as a problem at all. We truly were being waited on. We were asked how hot and spicy we like our food. Being a reasonable sized group we elected for a mild approach so we could all enjoy the flavours. Again, this was not a problem. For a couple of us we were asked if we’d like a side of sliced chili and I readily accepted the offer.

The appetisers really did work to whet our appetites. I was so hungry and enjoyed the Pappadums, Samosas, and Bhajia. They were perfectly cooked (IMHO).

The main dishes were Lamb Rogenjosh, Beef Vindaloo, Chicken Korma, Potato and Pea curry with Rice and Roti. The vindaloo was mild and very rich. My favourite though was the chicken korma whose juice was heavenly on the rice and being a glutton we got extra roti and I soaked up all the juice and devoured the remaining chicken and juice. 

To finish I had coconut ice cream which was very refreshing after the curries.

I would highly recommend Rama’s. The price for the Rama’s Delight banquet was a very reasonable $32 per person.

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14 thoughts on “Rama’s with friends

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  4. Interesting discussion 🙂 Yes, Taj Agra was the one whose name I had forgotten, and I have reliable sources who swear by it, but never been myself as it’s on the wrong side of town. I agree that Rama’s service and general attitude deserves praise, but still feel their popularity is due to their ability to turn out passable food cheerfully, at a rate of knots, to people who really don’t have very many other options (without a bit of hunting). So credit where it’s due, but I do so wish Canberrans would try some of the others around, and tear themselves away from the same old thing every time.

  5. Two good ones to try are Lazeeza at Melba shops who do beautiful Pakistani food and Jehangir’s at Swinger Hill shops. Both hidden gems, both delicious !

  6. I wonder what jude thinks of Taj Agra in Belco (and in Dickson)? I am a big fan. I like Ruchi but I think the flavours from Taj Agra are a little nicer.

  7. I always wonder about the Rama’s phenomenon. It continues to amaze me. There are so many better Indian restaurants around, yet Rama’s still seems to appeal to people more than ever. Sure, it provides relatively good quality food at a reasonable price, but the menu is stock standard boring. So unrepresentative of the Indian repertoire. Canberra is a little short on good Indian restaurants, but may I recommend Delhi6 or Ruchi (and another in Belco, name forgotten) for a real insight into what Indian food can offer? Problem is, Canberra just doesn’t have enough competition, or critical mass of Indian population, to provide a real taste of Indian variety.

  8. I have always heard such rave reviews about Rama’s but yet to venture down, maybe because a lot of my home cooking is similar! You make the food and the service sound like a visit is long overdue.
    Great review, Thanks 🙂

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