Tabitha’s tablet (or the Tab tab)

Today we had a very special lunch for a very special person. Tabitha lives in Canberra and is the daughter of @sonia_with_an_i and VB Man. Amongst Canberra tweeps and many tweeps in our circle of friends around Australia we all love Sonia and Gerry. Tabitha has Hurler syndrome and is doing very well. She is due for some orthopædic procedures in the near future and will be immobilised for a long period of time.  About a year ago @t_a_n_y_a suggested we try to raise some money to get Tabitha a tablet to use while in hospital and unable to move around. We ended up agreeing on an iPad. If you know Tanya, you’ll know this was a significant decision for Captain Android. Tanya developed a website and opened a bank account for the fund. It didn’t take long for us to have the money and we just needed an opportunity to share the gift with Tabitha. Some time ago a few of us had dinner together and plotted the plan to have lunch today. I won’t name everyone who contributed, they know who they are. We had a lunch today and a good proportion of those who contributed were present to enjoy the look on Tab’s face when she opened the gift and saw what she’d been given. Her first reaction was to poke her tongue out at her older sister Rebecca which was priceless.

We had lunch at the Turkish Pide House at Jamison. The food was good and the service friendly. They were kind enough to call me this morning to confirm the reservation and the numbers. I would recommend the Turkish Pide House at Jamison for lunch and dinner.

Tanya created a card that looks like an iPad and had images of us all with our Twitter user names. (iPhone)

Sonia, Tabitha and Gerry (VB Man) (Panasonic DMC-TZ10)

Tabitha and her New iPad (iPhone)

We all hope Tabitha enjoys her new gift and enjoys the extra goodies that Tanya also provided.


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