Bambusa and my birthday dinner

Last week while I was in Frederick, MD I celebrated 47 years alive. I returned to Canberra this last Monday and Bron took me to dinner at Bambusa on Thursday for my birthday. I’d not heard of the restaurant before. Bron mentioned it is about a year old. It specialises in modern Asian fusion cuisine. The menu on-line is the a la carte selection which also forms the basis of the degustation menu. We chose the degustation menu and went for four entrée dishes and four main dishes. For the entrée dishes we chose stuffed zucchini (steamed and filled with preserved vegetable and pork mince topped with XO sauce), soft shell crab, half shelled scallops (baked Macau style, gratinated with creamy potato purée) and a fresh oyster (steamed with ginger and shallots, drizzled with soy sauce). For main course dishes we chose Coconut chicken (oven roasted, served with crispy prawn filled pastry and Thai chilli sauce), Teriyaki Lamb Rack (oven roasted, served with broccolini, lotus root, and mushrooms, drizzled with sweet sake and soy glaze), twice oven roasted duck breast (served with home made plum sauce and bacon and prawn rolls), and fresh rock salt prawns (lightly battered and fried, served with seasonal salad and crumbed potato dumplings). For dessert I chose the Crispy custard pancake (served with ice cream and stuffed red dates) and Bron chose the Japanese sponge and cheesecake (served with green tea ice cream and raspberry coulis).

My favourite dishes were the soft shelled crab and scallops as well as coconut chicken and prawns. The lamb wasn’t left to rest for long enough, it was a little tough.

I didn’t capture any images because it was a special dinner. The restaurant was not full but it had a good number of patrons inside. I imagine it would fill up on Friday and Saturday nights. The toilets were well appointed and very clean. I would definitely return and eat larger portions of the main course meals.

It was a good night out, we enjoyed a lovely meal and I’m very grateful to Bron for taking me out.



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