ANZAC Day post

To those who have served Australia,

To those who have lost sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters to protect our country,

To those who have mourned the loss of loves ones as they fought for freedom,
I feel for you and THANK YOU.

To those who are serving Australia today and making a difference to countless lives around the world,

I will not forget.

Today I wanted to do something that involved a product of New Zealand. However, there has recently been some controversy in the news because a journalist from New Zealand called Australian soldiers lazy bludgers ( That gave me a reason to pause and reconsider. Rather than something obvious like lamb I chose tinned beef. Bully Beef (bully beef; from the French bouilli “boiled”) is the name of a tinned meat that soldiers ate in the field. Soldiers’ only food was whatever they had carried ashore in their packs. Apparently for several days on end all they had to eat was a little bully beef, some tea, sugar and a few very hard biscuits from the ship. (Reference

Now who can forget some of my special corned beef dishes? My Man versus Food version and my previous sausage roll.

New Zealand Corned Beef (Nikon D90)

For lunch I made myself a sausage roll with the corned beef. I added a little flavour with GOA beef curry powder and an onion. I also added a little Worcestershire sauce (


Corned beef sausage roll (Nikon D90)

Corned beef sausage roll (Nikon D90)

One of the other flavourings for today is rosemary. I didn’t realise until recently what the significance of rosemary is for ANZAC day. A sprig of rosemary is worn on ANZAC day. It is an emblem of both fidelity and remembrance in literature and folklore. It is found growing wild on the Gallipoli peninsula. (Reference,,, Today I acquired my rosemary outside of Swimming Australia on Beissel Street in Belconnen ( This is particularly apt given it’s an Olympic year and my favourite sport is swimming.

Dinner was a surprise and by surprise I just put stuff into a saucepan and hoped for the best. It was surprisingly good. I did the usual sauteing of onions, garlic and ginger. To this I added some diced tomatoes and then diced chicken thigh meat. After everything was soft I added Mudgeeraba Parsee Chicken and Potato curry powder. I added some sliced potato and sweet potato and then put the lid on the saucepan and kept it simmering for three hours. With half an hour to go I added some beans, corn and mushrooms. I served it with noodles.

Curry chicken and beef (Nikon D90)

4 thoughts on “ANZAC Day post

  1. Talking about the canned beef…my mother used to make sandwiches using the corned beef with mustard, mayonnaise and a little chopped onion because my father loved it.

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