I really work with the best people

I love the people I work with. For readers who follow me on instagram you’ll know that I often post images of treats given to me by my work mates. I have been blessed with macarons, cakes, biscuits, fruit and vegetables from work mates.

Today I received fresh eggs from free range chooks from a work mate’s parents’ backyard. There is not much better than fresh eggs from chooks that are lovingly cared for and fed stuff from your own kitchen as well as the insects and grubs in the garden.

I already had a piece of Scotch fillet in the refrigerator so I thought steak and eggs.

Steak done rare with fried eggs and avocado

The steak was simply dressed on the board with salt and pepper and then cooked for a couple of minutes on both sides. You can see I like it rare. I cooked the eggs in the butter and fat from the steak fry pan. The eggs tasted divine.

I’m so grateful for the generosity of my work mates as well as their brilliance and doing their job.


13 thoughts on “I really work with the best people

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  2. How lucky you are Gary to really enjoy the folks you work with. I don’t think a lot of people can say that! And…I’ve never seen such gorgeous eggs! Looks delish!

  3. Steak and eggs are hard to beat especially when the eggs are like these!
    I would have to add a bernaise sauce since it is so very good with steak and eggs. 😉

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