Red meat, white meat and carbohydrates galour

It’s been an odd weekend. Bron has gone away for a couple of weeks so I have to fend for myself. Thinking of Bron I made Brioche French toast yesterday morning and then we went to the local club for dinner last night. Today I cooked pork belly (my other white meat).

The Brioche was soaked in cream, eggs, vanilla and sugar.

Brioche soaking in cream, vanilla, eggs and sugar

I served it with cream and maple syrup because I didn’t have any berries. Note the Brisbane Broncos mug taking pride of place given they defeated the Canberra Raiders on Friday night.

Served with cream and maple syrup

After breakfast I went to Costco to pick up a new pair of reading spectacles. While I was there I happened upon one of the many meat cabinets. I picked up some red meat in the form of a rack of lamb and some scotch fillet.

I plan to cook this this week some time.

I love my vacuum sealer. I can prepare meat and freeze it to keep for extended periods.

My scotch fillet in food saver bags.

On Saturday night we went to the Southern Cross Club at Jamison. This is a local club and they do a reasonable steak. I tend to go for the scotch fillet with prawns and calamari in a Béarnaise sauce served on a bed of mash potato.

Steak, served rare as I want it.

For dessert we had a layered meringue cake. It was delicious. I should have asked for ice cream too.

Meringue layer cake with cream

The meal was fairly good. The service is okay. Saturday night is a pretty busy night for the Southern Cross Club.

This morning I made a salami and Gruyere cheese omelet for breakfast. It was pretty delicious.

Salami and Gruyere Cheese omelet for breakfast

This afternoon I took a piece of belly pork and slowly cooked it in a low oven. After I got it to room temperature I scalded it with boiling water.

It's upside down but this is after it's been scalded with boiling water

I then seared the skin in a saucepan while the oven was heating up.

After searing in a saucepan

I then put the saucepan and pork into an oven for five hours at 110 °C.

This is how it looked after a couple of hours.

I also made a sweet potato and Gruyere cheese and cheddar cheese bake.

To the bake I added some curry powder we got from the Easter Show.

Madras chicken curry

I served the pork with the sweet potato and some asparagus spears.

Plated up pork belly with sweet potato and asparagus spears

It’s been a good weekend, although I will miss Bron for a couple of weeks.


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