My Easter wrap up

Okay, I’ve already posted four blogs this weekend. This is my wrap up blog post to cover the stuff I didn’t mention previously in:

Hot cross buns and butter,
Who would be a ram,
Ribs and rumps, and
I love cake decorating.

So clearly we went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show in Sydney Olympic Park. I love shows. I reckon The Ekka in Brisbane is by far the best show in the world and then perhaps Sydney. I’m also very partial to the Royal Darwin Show.

The first thing we did was check out Flyball. I’d never heard of it before until I received a tweet from Al to check it out. It is basically dog drag racing and very entertaining. I took a few short videos and put them together.

We spent an enjoyable few hours watching some wood chop, ring events (Shetland pony showing), we explored the food and produce stall to check out the giant pumpkins, flowers, pies, other food and the cake decorating. We wandered through many of the animal pavilions and saw that ram. We also had to get a Dagwood Dog. When I say we, I mean me, and for those who don’t know me, whenever I go to a show I eat a Dagwood Dog. This Courier Mail article is helpful and points one of the biggest reasons why The Ekka trounces the Sydney Royal Easter Show, viz., the Strawberry Sundae at The Ekka. There is also a Facebook page for Dagwood Dogs. The Strawberry Sundae at The Ekka is made by volunteers and is made from fresh full cream milk and fresh locally grown strawberries. It is unique to The Ekka. When I worked at The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, we used to get a tray sent back to the laboratory at lunch time every day of The Ekka as a treat.

Giant pumpkins, these were huge. One was 430 kg.

Me eating my Dagwood Dog

Up close with my Dagwood Dog

We got three chunky lamb shank pies for $10. A perfect lunch.

Choc vanilla ice cream sandwich. The perfect way to complete lunch.

On Sunday morning we visited the Lindt Café at Darling Habour for a chocolate breakfast and to buy some macarons. I had a iced mocha with chocolate profiteroles followed by a chocolate eclair with a flat white coffee. We also bought macarons. I bought Excellence 70%, Passion fruit, Vanilla, Pistachio, Champagne and Salted caramel. Nat at work is an expert macaron maker and she recommended the Lindt macarons and I have to say they were amazing.

Iced Lindt mocha

Lindt chocolate profiteroles

Unfortunately the profiteroles were served cold and not at room temperature.

Lindt chocolate eclair

Excellence 70% and Passion fruit. The passion fruit was best.

Champagne and Pistachio. The Pistachio was amazing.

Vanilla and salted caramel. I had a foodgasm after eating these. 🙂

What can I say, it’s been a busy and enjoyable Easter. Today I did some work and tomorrow I’ll be back in the office thinking about the good times.


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