Ribs and Rumps Sydney Olympic Park

Tonight Bron and I had dinner at Ribs and Rumps at Sydney Olympic Park. Bron had read the foursquare tips earlier and noticed many negative comments about the quality of the food and the service.

Shortly after that I received a call from the restaurant to explain that on street parking would be difficult tonight because of the Royal Easter Show. That was nice of them to do that.

On our arrival, our reservation was confirmed and we were led to a great table near a window which gave us a good view into the restaurant and outside.

Throughout the evening the wait staff were friendly and attentive. Our requests were taken and we were pretty happy.

The restaurant has a challenge consisting of 1 kg of rump plus a full rack of ribs. I elected to go for something similar but lighter. I had a 500 g prime rib steak and a half rack of lamb ribs. This came with chips and a creamy pepper sauce.

Seriously good steak knives and big condiment dispensers are a signature.

Bron asked for a calamari entrée and I helped.

And here's my 500 g prime rib on the bone with a half rack of lamb ribs. Bron had a rib eye fillet steak.

I was given a bib to wear.

This is what happiness looks like 🙂

I'm a good boy and have finished my plate.

Cleaned ribs

Chocolate mousse with cream and ice cream

Bron had a sticky date pudding

Despite the tips posted through foursquare we were very happy with our meal. I rate this meal highly and would recommend the restaurant to anyone.


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