Three strikes and you’re (almost) out Lemon Grass Woden

We went to the Lemon Grass again last night with friends. This is the third time in recent months. Each time we all rave about the food and when we check-in through foursquare we get comments from tweeps about the great food. The food is VERY GOOD. Yet we always complain about the service. Last night the service was particularly poor. The staff weren’t rude or anything, they were just run off their feet and there were not enough of them. They basically had three wait staff for the entire restaurant. They needed another six in my opinion. Between courses we waited between 30 and 45 minutes. We had dirty plates sitting in front of us for far too long.

I’m not striking them right out. I go there for work functions over lunch and as I’ve written before, the food is VERY GOOD.

Last night I tried LAAB MOO TAUD which is Spicy patties of minced pork, onion, mint and shallots. This was followed by Bron and I sharing GANG PANANG (Creamy red curry (chicken or beef) with crushed peanuts and kaffir leaves topped with crispy egg noodles) and DUCK NAM TOK (Roast duck with spicy tamarind sauce, red onions and basil leaves). We then finished with deep fried ice cream.

I apologise for the quality of the photography. I was so hungry I ate before framing shots.

I will go back to the Lemon Grass but not for the service.

Pork patties and fish cakes

Beef Red curry and duck

Deep fried ice cream with caramel topping


6 thoughts on “Three strikes and you’re (almost) out Lemon Grass Woden

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  4. You were incredibly kind still when discussing the terrible service at the Lemon Grass Thai. The only thing going for them is the wonderful food. It is a common complaint by everyone who goes there but no one must say any thing to them. I am sure we will go back also but I will probably say something to them next time it happens again.

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