Kreativ Blogger Award

A fellow blogger, viz., Susartandfood‘s Blog was generous and has passed on to me the Kreativ Blogger (award). Thank you very much Susan.
I’m now passing this on to seven fellow bloggers (I’m sorry if they’ve already shared in this happiness).

The rules for this award are:

  • Thank the blogger who gave me the award and provide a link. My thanks go out to Susan from across the Pacific. Please stop by and visit her and catch up on her thoughts about life, living and eating at
  • List 7 things about myself that my readers might find interesting
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know

Seven things about me that aren’t exactly exciting but you may not have known.

  1. I’m an ABC (Australian Born Chinese) and fifth generation.
  2. My great grandmother was Irish.
  3. I always wanted to study medicine because my Dad is a doctor.
  4. I also wanted to be a zoologist but didn’t because I couldn’t grow a beard and all the great zoologists seem to have big bushy beards.
  5. I don’t drink alcohol because my liver doesn’t produce the enzyme to hydrolise alcohol. I often want to drink to understand what my friends are enjoying.
  6. Despite my carrying on about Canberra being too cold, I don’t like it really hot, I like warm and humid weather because it makes my skin feel better. When it’s too hot I get a headache.
  7. I do not like, sorry I hate gardening and yard work.

Now for my seven nominations (again sorry if you’ve already had this passed on to you)

  1. TheBernieBrand because she is just so light happy and funny with a great sense of humour
  2. The anonymous hotel worker because she is new and tells funny stories about guests at her hotel. I’ve travelled a bit and have seen the truth of it too
  3. The Diane Lee show because Diane is open and honest about life, gives great advice and writes from the heart
  4. Invisible Ink because Sarah is so heart felt. She’s not a frequent blogger but her words are worth reading
  5. Domestic Diva MD because she’s a fellow medical practitioner who likes food
  6. Wayfaring chocolate because Hannah is a Canberra resident who loves chocolate
  7. In the Taratory because T1 and T2 are now Canberra residents and write great restaurant reviews for Canberra

So there you have it. Please visit all these sites and leave comments.


11 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Thank you Gary! I must admit I have a backlog of these kind of memes and am terrible at getting around to doing them myself, but I really appreciate it! LOVE your fact about the zoologists and their beards 😛

    • I understand they can become a little like chain letters. I’ve taken the view they’re part of blogging and sharing the love 🙂

      One day I’ll study zöology and teach high school students I hope.

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