I like pie

Would you believe I’ve never made a pie. I know I’ve eaten hundreds of pies. When I was at school there was a year when I think I ate a cottage pie every day from the tuck shop in addition to the lunch Mum made me.

Tonight I had some chicken, some sweet potato, some cheese, a packet of French onion soup and some puff pastry. I didn’t blind bake or do anything like that. I was hungry when I came home from work and just put the pastry in a lined glass oven proof dish. I browned some diced chicken, grated some sweet potato and cheese and then covered with some cream that had been whisked with an egg and the contents of a French onion cup-of-soup packet.

The ‘thing’ looked hideous as it cooked.

Of course I had to finish with ice cream.

Cooking in the oven

Cooling on the bench

With barbecue sauce of course

Cracked open, oh the creamy chicken and sweet potato goodness

Ice cream and berries

All in all it looked bad but tasted great.


9 thoughts on “I like pie

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