Rama’s Fiji-Indian Restaurant

Last night we ate at Rama’s Fiji-Indian Restaurant in Pearce. This is one of Canberra‘s most popular restaurants. Last night was our first taste of Rama’s Fiji-Indian cuisine.

The Inside is pretty open and they have some tables outside as well. The service was very friendly and efficient. We weren’t left waiting and were well attended.

The menu is available as a PDF at http://www.ramas.com.au/Dine%20In%20Menu.pdf or in html.

We enjoyed a mixed entrée of Vegetable Samosas, Fish Pakoras, and Bhajia. It was pretty good, especially the Samosas and the Bhajia. The Pakoras were a little over cooked.

Then we asked for a couple of dishes from the specials list, viz., Aamm Chicken (Mango Chicken) [Boneless chicken pieces cooked in fresh spices and a sweet mango sauce] and Fijian Pork Curry [Cubes of pork cooked with capsicum, onion and coriander leaves in a tangy, spicy sauce]. Both of these were delicious. They were both spicy but not painfully hot.

I want to go back and try more food there. After the meal we went and had dessert at Bron’s. She made chocolate truffles and ice cream.

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