I have decided to grow my winter coat with a hamburger and ice cream

Sure it’s Autumn, but this is Canberra. It’s absurdly cold. We haven’t had a Summer.

After a long week, I didn’t want to prepare anything complicated. I decided on a hamburger and ice cream.

Wagyu beef hamburger pattie. I love butter and barbecue sauce.

Doesn't look nice and neat on the plate.

Ice cream and whipped cream. YUM.


7 thoughts on “I have decided to grow my winter coat with a hamburger and ice cream

  1. Odd you say you haven’t had summer because we haven’t had winter here either! I have been speculating as to whether the summer will be really hot. Your comment has me hoping it won’t be. The humidity here would smother you if it were too hot.
    Butter and BBQ sauce. . .too funny and very tasty I bet!
    (I am in North Carolina, USA)

    • I like a warm Summer that has a lot of humidity. That will never happen in Canberra. I really don’t like Winter, it’s too cold and dry.

      I hope you get a Winter.

      • It’s too late for this year. We are dealing with early summer like weather now.
        Ice Cream and whipped cream too! You are too much! Good thing you swim. Enjoy.

    • From December to February. Canberra is inland and cold and dry most of the year. My favourite place is Darwin where they have the wet season and the dry season. It is subequatorial so it’s always warm and moist.

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