My happy place

Today I spent most of the day in work related meetings. I also spent some of the day out doors with work mates looking at things. That meant I was exposed to the best parts of Darwin. Warm but not hot. Moist, and by moist I mean soaking warm rain going in all directions including horizontal and wind gusts up to 100 kilometres per hour.

After work this afternoon I ambled up to Stokes Hill Wharf for dinner. Ever since learning I was coming to Darwin for these meetings I have been craving a solo walk to the wharf and sitting down to a plate of battered barramundi and chips. For those not familiar with the barramundi, it is a premier fighting fish which also happens to be a very fine eating fish. Firm white flaky flesh. It is only better when you catch it, kill it, fillet it and cook it in a pan with butter and some lemon. You can then throw the skins in the air for the eagles or into the water for the crocodiles.

On the Stokes Hill Wharf there is an eatery and an open seating area with tables and chairs. Tonight Darwin was in a post Tropical Cyclone waring phase and with a tropical low we had heavy rain and wind gusts up to 100 kilometres per hour. I didn’t want to get my iPhone wet so the images are fairly timid.

Tonight’s chips were so crispy and the barramundi so good. I was in a very happy place. My skin was warm and moist. My tongue, mouth and belly were happy. I’d had a great day and I was happy. I wish Bron had been here too.

I love the sound of heavy rain on a metal roof. Most houses in Darwin do not have roof gutters. There is no point. Listen to the power.

Normally you can see the land across the harbour. This isn’t even heavy. Later in the evening it got stronger in terms of wind and rain.

It looked ominous across the harbour.

An ominous looking scene across the water

Battered barramundi and chips

After finishing the fish and chips I sat around and tweeted and watched the weather. I knew I had to come back and do some work so I decided to walk briskly back to the hotel. It’s just under a one kilometre walk so I knew it wouldn’t be too bad. The wind was strong and the rain heavy. It. Was. So. Much. FUN.

Before I forget, did you see those chips? They were so crispy. They were the best. THE BEST!!!

When I got back to the hotel I knew I wanted dessert. I rang room service and asked for Coconut panna cotta with kaffir lime fruit salad.

Coconut panna cotta with kaffir lime fruit salad

And before I forget we had lunch at one of the best restaurants in Darwin. The Hanuman Thai.

Fish and lamb curries at The Hanuman Thai

All in all it’s been a happy day.


7 thoughts on “My happy place

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  4. Even Scottish people are surprised and a bit awestruck by the rain here in Australia. It is forceful stuff.

    However, there is nothing better than eating your dinner listening to the rain orchestra overhead – nothing that is until you wake up to the sound of pelting rain, realise it’s Saturday, roll over, go back to sleep then head out for that barramundi and chips.

    Doesn’t Apple do rain covers yet?

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