Yep @PeskyPippi and @TheBernieBrand I got whipped cream

Not long ago @SarcasmFairy introduced us to @TheBernieBrand who introduced us to @PeskyPippi. One of the first things mentioned was whipped cream in a can and sending an image of a nozzle in one’s mouth inhaling whipped cream. I’ve never touched a can let alone had whipped cream from a can.

Yesterday while at Costco we saw, snaffled and bought a catering version of cream in a can from New Zealand. I’ve commented previously on fine produce from New Zealand in a post that is not meant to be mentioned in polite company.

So if you visit PeskyPippi’s website and go through the recent posts you’ll come across Got Whipped Cream? I Dare Ya On this you’ll come across a variety of tweeps who have had a nozzle in their mouth and swallowed.

I’m hoping PeskyPippi will download this image of me and post to her page.

I’m grateful to @bron99 for her photography assistance.

Catering quality whipped cream from New Zealand

There are other images but this one was the safest to send.


4 thoughts on “Yep @PeskyPippi and @TheBernieBrand I got whipped cream

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  3. Naughty! My daughter calls cream in a can ‘wet cream’. It is a must in our household for emergency use on pancakes, pikelets, scones and on ice-cream and milk drinks. She and her brother also have competitions to see who can fill the most in their mouth. You’d fit in fine around here!

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