Brunch at Poachers Pantry

After last night’s effort I didn’t feel overly full when I woke up so we decided to go to brunch at Poachers Pantry in Springrange in NSW (just outside of the ACT). This is not a regular brunch place with standard brunch fare like Eggs Benedict and waffles and pancakes and things like that. The menu is a little different. It is well worth visiting if you get a chance.

The menus are at the website. This is the brunch menu

After a much needed coffee I had Welsh Rarebit. This is a childhood favourite. I remember Mum making it for me on weekends for breakfast and sometimes it would be a light dinner. As a kid I’d always call it Welsh Rabbit lol 🙂

The coffee wasn’t anything to write home about.

Welsh Rarebit

Closer view of the cheesy goodness

Poachers Pantry also sells a lot of their produce especially their smoked goods and wines. Their website is a good place for recipes too.

Poachers Pantry on Urbanspoon


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