Burrito sans tortilla at Jamison Zambrero

We went and ordered lunch at Jamison Zambrero today. We’ve been interested in trying this place for some time and today presented as a good opportunity. Bron suggested looking at the menu on-line before going in and ordering. The on-line menu also provides a kilojoule counter for those interested in calorie counting.

If you’re interested in lowering your carbohydrate load you can order a burrito sans tortilla. I asked for lamb with guacamole and sour cream plus salad including jalapenos with a mild smoky chipotle sauce.

The food was served on a very shallow bed of rice in a cardboard tray and then covered in aluminium foil for takeaway customers.

I quite enjoyed mine although I don’t think it was worth $12. In addition, while it didn’t taste salty while I was eating it, I became very thirsty shortly afterwards.

Would I have one again? Yes probably, but it won’t be a regular meal.

Burrito sans tortilla from Zembrero Jamison


6 thoughts on “Burrito sans tortilla at Jamison Zambrero

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  2. Wow, it was a little pricy but I like the idea of eliminating the tortilla. I bet you could make a tastier one at home for a lot less when you had the time.

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