Seeking redemption after last night’s transgression

Last night I made a dinner which I thought was fit for Man v Food. It was based in tinned meat, potato and cheese. I received mixed reactions today from friends. Mostly negative reactions but at least one positive. The positive reaction was from a friend whose husband loves Man v Food and who is keen on a visit to the USA to do a Man v Food eating tour. Most reactions were dismay that I would eat meat from a tin. What I didn’t say was how much I really like tinned corned beef as much for the fat content as well as connective tissue content like big arteries and veins.

My biggest regret about last night was the amount of garlic I used and the fact that all day I could taste and smell garlic. I thought for dinner tonight I would do something unexpected but in keeping with my style.

Surprise surprise, tonight’s meal contains no meat, not even bacon pieces. I prepared sweet potato fritters and salad for dinner.

Sweet potato fritter

Grate sweet potato and cheddar cheese. Crumb a slice of bread. Bind with an egg. I added seasoning to taste. I made a few fritters and baked in an oven for 45 minutes. I added no oil.

Yes, I know they are uneven 🙂

My salad

Tonight I had some avocado, peaches, sweet corn, and cherry tomatoes tossed in a little lime juice and balsamic vinegar.

Plated up. Sweet potato cake and salad.

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