I had a little food with my desserts today

I spent today in Brisbane with my daughters. It was busy with physiotherapy appointments, gymnastics training, birthday party sorting, birthday dinner attending and various opportunities to eat.

To be clear Miss10 is becoming Miss11 soon, however, Miss14 attended a birthday party today for a friend and I ended up on the floor in the shopping centre helping build the final present. Miss14’s imagination is amazing. She had this complex gift plan in mind and executed it with the help of many friends, helium filled balloons, packing boxes and a lot of tape.

After getting fairly sweaty and dirty, we said goodbye to Miss14 as she went into the party at a bowling alley and I took Miss 10 and Miss16 to Cold Rock Ice Creamery.

Regular Coconut ice cream and freckles

Coconut ice cream and crushed freckles.

Me eating ice cream.

Cold rock is about my favourite ice cream place. There is one right near where I live. Not much use though given how cold and dry Canberra is .

This evening we went to the local Returned and Services League at Kedron-Wavell Services Club. We went for Miss10 who will soon be Miss11 in a couple of weeks.

This was plate 1. Mainly seafood.

I really like my seafood, especially oysters, prawns and crab.

Bowl 2. Seafood chowder.

This seafood chowder was nothing special. It was a bit thin.

Plate 3. Pork sausage, onion, potato bake, mashed potato, seafood bite and squid.

The pork sausage was tasty and well cooked, although the casing was very tough. I love a good pork sausage.

Plate 5. I did not capture plates 4 and 6.

The stuff was fried nicely 🙂

The roast pork was very tender, the crackling though was very salty.

Plate 7. Dessert.

Not enough colours I know. There was fruit but I didn’t get any.

Me eating dessert.

I was annoyed the chocolate mousse glasses weren’t out. I took trifle, pavlova, cream and ice cream.

Birthday cake and my parents' place.

This is a chocolate cake Mum made today.


6 thoughts on “I had a little food with my desserts today

  1. Ah, Gary, one should never let the weather get in the way of dessert. I advocate a trip to Cold Rock for takeaway, then standing in front of your heater at home to eat it 😉

  2. Great food blog and I love how many plates you had! By the way you look very skinny in the last food blog photo. So there are no calories in Brisbane! 😉

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