My first Mavi breakfast wrap experience

This morning Bron asked me to breakfast at Mavi in Phillip. The breakfast wrap comes as a coffee deal for $9.50. Not a bad breakfast.

Every breakfast should start with coffee

Not the greatest coffee. It tasted okay but it was not hot so it felt very ‘milky’.

This is a large wrap. It's a full dinner plate there.

No, I didn’t have two, although I reckon I could knock off two.

In my hand. Look at the size of it.

The smell of the bacon and egg was so powerful 🙂

A close up of the open end.

The wrap contains mushrooms, bacon, fried egg and hash brown potato. I reckon a nice pork sausage or some black pudding would be nice too.

The aftermath. I'm a messy eater.

Mind you there was nothing left over and very little barbecue sauce spillage.

My Hawaiian Schnitzel with ham and pineapple added.

The chips were amazing. It’s a pity I went to a meeting before I could finish the schnitzel. Cold schnitzel isn’t that tasty.


10 thoughts on “My first Mavi breakfast wrap experience

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